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The Texarkana ISD Education Foundation is an independent, non-profit charitable organization governed by a volunteer board of directors. The sole purpose of TISD EF is to benefit the Texarkana Independent School District. Since 2004, TISD EF has awarded scholarships to hundreds of Texas High School graduates. Additionally, the Foundation periodically awards innovative teaching grants to employees. The funds awarded go directly to the classroom and allow our teachers and other employees to implement exciting new educational programs.


The Texarkana ISD Education Foundation’s mission is to provide opportunities for excellence in education, promote innovation in teaching, and partner with the community to enhance the quality of education for all students.


Initial Goals

The Texarkana ISD Education Foundation will achieve its mission by directing resources toward the following goals:

• Enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students.
• Support staff for innovative efforts and recognize staff for exemplary teaching.
• Involve the community in assuring a quality education for the leaders and workers of tomorrow.

Texarkana ISD Education Foundation News


Initial Funding Priorities

• Student Scholarships
• Innovative Teaching Grants
• Recognition of Academic Achievement
• Recognition of Teaching Excellence

If you would like to make a donation or visit us regarding program/funding opportunities, contact:

Texarkana Independent School District
4241 Summerhill Road
Texarkana, Texas 75503
Phone: 903.794.3651 ext. 1019
Fax: 903.792.2632

Foundation Donations


Texarkana ISD Education Foundation Board of Directors

Executive Board:

Ben King, President
Christy Young, Immediate Past President
Brandon Washington, Vice-President of Programs
Lacy McMillen, Vice-President of Marketing & Events
Martha Norton, Vice-President of Finance & Governance
Lesli Flowers, Vice-President of Development
Valerie DePriest, Secretary
Todd Marshall, District Liaison
Dr. Doug Brubaker, Superintendent


Gerald Brooks, Robyn Carter, Anita Clay, Christy Duke,
Melva Flowers, Dr. Lori George, Rev. L. B. George, Tonja Hays,
Steve Mayo, Darrah McGuire, Jo Ann Rice, Madeleine Russell,
Dennis Washington, Treva West, Libby White, and Rendi Wiggins

Texarkana ISD Education Foundation
Grant Application
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Texarkana ISD Education Foundation Announces Restructuring Measures

Front Row: Julie Mitchell, Treva West, Christy Young,
Rev. L.B. George, Brandon Washington

Back Row: Dr. B, Darrah McGuire, Melva Flowers, Charissa Barnes, Rendi Wiggins, Valerie DePriest,
Lacy McMillen, Tonja Hays, Charlotte Hueter,
Glenn Moses, Denis Washington, Todd Marshall

Not Pictured: Robin Carter, Ben King, Darby Doan,
Mali Glass, Steve Mayo, Derrick McGary,
Fred Markham, Anita Clay


Change A Life Today!

As long as there are children in need of education, we will continue to build and nurture the strong community support needed for providing quality education at our public schools. If you are interested in contributing toward providing higher quality education for our future leaders, we would appreciate your assistance.